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Client Area  

The Program

This is a service that provides you - the small business - with access to graphic design, web design and other business art, just about whenever you need it.

Benefits: Free consultation on the fly, fast, professional design services, digital files to print where ever, and when ever you want.

Affordable: Pay per assignment, a quarterly retainer, or a yearly retainer.

Stress Free Collaberation: Even if you can't talk technical design jargon, we can talk business jargon. Our principal designer holds a Masters in Administration degree. Your special needs for marketing, brand equity, position and market penetration are understood.

1  determine your medium
2  identify expected outcomes
mock up promise

Determine what you need in order to communicate your message.

Determine for example, if you want to communicate using the web, in print, a billboard, or banner.

Share what ideas you have for your finished product. For example, what feelings you would like the design to elicit or what response you would like to solicit.

Are you marketing a high involvement or low involvement purchase product.

Review artistic interpretations of your concept in 24 hrs.